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Please join us at Black Tie Soup Night*, an absurdist art happening, a participatory performance and a party. Don your most elegant and extravagant garments and come enjoy a performance from the one and only, David Lee Broth (Ben Gorodetsky) and complimentary soup developed exclusively for this event by Shalaka Jadhav.

BTSN is a project by Lauren Prousky that takes a play-based approach to exploring the theoretical concept of “primordial soup” to posit that we’re all soup people: floating, mixing and melting into each other in order to get by. BTSN has a “protopian” bent, suggesting that there is something healing or nurturing— as soup often is— in the act of celebrating our inherent soupiness and embracing the chaos of our big bowl of inextricable goo.

April 14th 2023 Walker Court
The dress code is STRONGLY encouraged.

*We are using “Black Tie” as a stand-in for fancy and fancy can mean many things! Is it gowns and tuxes? Of course! But is it also over-the-top sparkles, accessories and bold choices? YES! For BTSN, we want to see opulence, glamour and CAMP above all else. Basically, come dressed up in whatever makes you feel fancy, schmancy and fabulous.